- November 20, 2021
A Dream Proposal

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One of the fellas in The Wood (my group of friends) once told me, “When you know, you just know. Time doesn’t matter.” At the time, I looked at him like he was crazy, he had just proposed after ~6 months of dating.  Fast forward; I had to call him and say, “My fault, bro, you were absolutely right!”

I’ve never experienced a love like this before. Prior relationships highlighted the importance of my love languages and my boundaries. They reinforced my hopes, dreams, and desires. And when I least expected it, the universe sent me the woman of my dreams. She is everything I wanted, and more importantly, she is everything I need.

I knew very early on in our relationship that she was the one. I knew so early that I went to get her finger sized as “a joke” to get that out the way before she suspected something!

But it has always been very important to me to take time to get to know my partner before making such a commitment. This was equally important to Shannashé.

364 days later, I couldn’t wait any longer! Four seasons had passed. We checked all boxes, exposed all skeletons, merged our worlds, experienced highs, and supported each other through lows. We were ready!

I could hardly wait to pop the question! I found the perfect venue in Williamsburg BK. Hired an event planner to help me execute it perfectly!

Will you marry me? I wanted to scream it from the mountain tops! The proposal and surprise engagement was shared with our families. Her parents were there, my family & friends, her best friends even flew out from the islands!

Her smile and tears of joy were everything!  It was the best day of my life so far! And she is over the moon! I’m engaged to the woman of my dreams.

I’m looking forward to the amazing life we will build together. Check out the proposal video below!

Proposal Photo Gallery

There’s nothing like a beautiful smile. Our proposal photographer captured amazing shots of pure joy!

Engagement Party Photo Gallery

Just when she thought the surprises were over, we went upstairs for “dinner.” She had no clue that it was a packed house ready to partayyy!!!! Instant surprise engagement party with more family and loved ones!

The Ring

She is worth more than diamonds and gold, such an incredible woman! I’ve been waiting all my life for her. And as a small token of my appreciation, I wanted to be sure her hand sparkled brightly in all rooms.  These pictures do no justice, it is absolutely stunning! I dove into the 4C’s science to ensure it was VVS, colorless, & excellent cut! 

Steven & Shannashé