Dr. Shannashé Treasure
The Bride

A Jamaican turtle in love with her lion. Her introverted shell with an adventurous and warm-hearted interior are her most unique qualities.

Mr. Steven H. Clarke
The Groom

An adventurous, ambitious Leo with a big heart. A family man that's over the moon in love with his bride. Prince turned King found his Queen.

Are getting married!

January 14, 2023 — Pompton Plains, New Jersey

We will become a family in

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Our love.

Our Story

We both swiped right, hellos were exchanged, and we found pandemic love. Time passed us by, filled with love letters and facetime calls until the crack of dawn. City lights and date nights helped spark eternal love. We grew from strangers to romantic partners, which was an effortless fulfillment of manifestation.

It wasn't long before we merged our worlds. Combine two planners, and you get a #ClarkesTreasure movie! We hosted parties & events and met family & friends. We work hard and play harder with youthful joy as two ambitious dreamers. We racked up travel miles by air and road. Being the risk-takers we are, we took leaps of faith and planted seeds of growth in joint real estate investments.

You don't just find our kind of love, it finds you. She manifested him and the universe delivered. Steven knew very early on that she was his queen and Shannashé affirmed he was her King. We took our time to date and love throughout all four seasons of the year.

Nov 20th, 2021, We Said Yes!

After 364 days of dating, it was finally time. He planned a dream proposal for her with an instant surprise engagement party. She said yes and sealed the deal. #ClarkesTreasure, let’s make a movie!

Our best friends ever

Thanks for being there

Looking forward to seeing you!






Join us in the Mayfair room PROMPTLY at 5:00 PM in your "Over the Top" royal formal attire.



You will be escorted to the Bristol - K. Lounge after we make it official to enjoy open bar libations.



Celebrations will continue in the Kingston ballroom where we'll end the night in true #ClarkesTreasure fashion.



Thank you for your blessings and well wishes as you send us off into the world as husband & wife.


When & Where

Steven & Shannashé